Factors That Influence Lgbt People's Health Through The Lens Of Violence

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people face poorer health outcomes than heterosexuals. In our society, people still classify LGBT people as deviant, dysfunctional, abnormal and immoral (Sloan and Gustavsson, n.d). Most disturbing is the impact of such stereotyping on LGBT youth. Violence against these marginalize and vulnerable group has led to disparity in health outcome as well as the loss of lives. According to Pollock 2006 (p.29) “same-sex orientation is a significant risk factor for suicide, depression and alcohol abuse” In addressing this concern, a critical look at the social determinant of health can unravel the underlying cause of the health disparity within LGBT community as well as health disparity between LGBT…show more content…
Education Health has been linked to education. Under achievement at school or incomplete education like school dropout can put people in disadvantaged position in the society. Educational attainment has been linked to health through several interrelated pathways which include working conditions, income, work related resources sense of control, social standing, social support and , health knowledge, literacy and behavior (Braveman, 2010, p.386). The more education one attains, the more economic and social resources available to such individual. But what happens when access to such a life defining factor is threatened? Educational attainment can be threatened by several forms of violence like bullying, victimization, harassment and hate crime in the school environment. The concomitant effect is a poor health outcome. “Bullying is a form of violence characterized as an aggressive behavior that is unprovoked and intended to cause harm” (Hightow-Weidman, Philips, Jones, Outlaw, Fields & Smith, 2011). A major underlying attitude that influences bullying directed at LGBT youth is homophobia (Hong & Garbarino, 2012, p.272). Studies have shown that LGBT youth experience high levels of bullying related to their sexual orientation (actual or perceived) relative to their
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