Factors That Influence Peoples Learning

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I am going to be writing an essay about factors that could influence peoples learning. The essay will start by explaining the positive and negative influences of my childhood experience. I will then explain my present experience and finish this assignment with my future plans for my learning process. This assignment will also include theorists and how they influence peoples learning. It will also discuss how others can be helped to learn and how effective this can be.
During my childhood stages I was brought up in Luton, I believe that I have experienced a lot to make me the person I am today. Key factors can influence people in a negative or positive way.
One positive influence is the internet; it has a positive influence on learning by allowing people to search quickly on computers or phones and giving them information they may need to be able to complete a task. Although this can also be a negative influence because people may be distracted by the social network sites that are accessible whilst on the internet instead of focusing on coursework or homework they are supposed to be doing. Some young people also use a different type of wording called slang whilst on social media which could affect their learning because if there in school doing work they may still use slang instead of using proper grammar.
Another learning influence is health because if somebody is ill they miss a lot of time of school through going to hospital and appointments and even if they do attend
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