Factors That Influence Performance Rating

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Organizational psychologists have devoted a lot of attention to performance appraisals because they can be used for numerous purposes. For example, organizations might use performance appraisals to make decisions on promotion, identify training needs, or for termination purposes. Performance appraisals are usually conducted by managers or supervisors to evaluate subordinates’ performance on different types of rating scales. Researchers have been examining factors that might influence performance ratings. For example, some researchers (Bernardin, Cooke, & Villanova, 2000; Schaubroeck and Lam, 2002) believe that personality can influence the performance rating scale, while other researchers (Ployhart, Eiechmann, Schmitt, Sacco, & Rogg, 2003) believe cultural differences can influence the validity of performance ratings. Specifically, experts (Saffie-Robertson & Brutus, 2014) in the field have examined cultural differences in the self-construal dimension, and how individuals’ self-construal can interact with performance ratings. It is critical for organizations to be aware of how raters’ personality and self-construal can affect their performance ratings. Examining how performance ratings can be influenced by personality and self-construal can help organizations to develop training programs to raise employees’ level of sensitivity and awareness of their own personal factors that might have an unintentional effect on their appraisal process. Moreover, organizations can predict

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