Factors That Influence Shopping Mall Behaviors

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It has always been concerned by marketer that what are the factors that impact on shopping behaviors. The purpose of this desk research is to investigate what are the factors affect shopping time and analysis how they influence. This research focused on three main factors, gender, age and income, that has obvious influence on how much time the customers spend in shopping mall.

Many theories have been proposed to explain the factors that influence shopping mall behaviors. Although it covers a wide variety of theories, such as situational, personal, social and cultural factors, this research will focus on personal aspect. These themes includes how does consumers’ gender and age perspectives impact on time they spend in shopping malls and the debate between different thoughts on the influence of their income.

In this research, eight articles were reviewed in three different themes to examine the relationship between customers’ gender, age or income and time they spend on shopping. All of these articles were found online and most of them are professional marketing studies. On account of the deductive and inductive reasoning theories, the results of this research could be more convinced.

I. Gender
Gender theory plays an important role in observing shopping behaviors, which stated that the activities of male and female shoppers are quite different. (Mortimer&Clarke, 2010) In Mortimer and Clarke’s survey, they pointed out
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