Factors That Influence Teenagers On Alcohol And Effects

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Kassandra Marie N. Romero English 27- NB Sir Andre Dominic Peralta Factors that influence Teenagers in alcohol and Effects Introduction The teenage years are the time of searching ourselves, engaging in different activities, doing something to fit to our peers and trying to form what we want to be. They are usually under the pressure on the school activities and performance. Sometimes, pressure from their parents who has big expectations from them is the reason why they engaged alcohol. In the present, numerous teenagers are already engaging alcohol consumption. Despite of negative effects that they can get, they prefer to ignore it for a certain reason that they wanted to prove something for themselves, pressures from the people surrounds…show more content…
Peer pressure has a significant impact on perceived acceptability of alcohol use. This influence is one of the most reason why teenagers initially take alcohol especially males. There are some factors that influence teenagers in drinking. 1. Family Problem A teenager who has family history of alcohol abuse or they witnessed adults drinking during their younger days has a risk for engaging alcohol. Unhealthy family influence teen to may be a factor in teen’s initial introduce of alcohol. They assumed that it is normal or acceptable behavior if they grown up to this kind of household. Teens get many values from their parents and other older influences, and often mimic them. Moreover, one of the reasons of teenagers engaging drinking is family problem. They tend to engaged drinking to forgot it for a while. As an escaping mechanism, they use alcohol to as part of 2. Peer Pressure Peer pressure can be a major factor that can led teenagers to try drinking. Teenagers’ years is the time trying to figure out who they are and where they can fit. This stage curiosities and insecurities develop. A teen that surrounded with teens that are drinking alcohol may be at risk in starting drinking. They may be influenced by their peer some are forced and some has no choice but to drink so that they could be accepted by their friends. 3. Other Problem The main factors that influenced teenagers to engage drinking is family problem and peer pressure, but then

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