Factors That Influence The Cloud Computing

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Recent decades has seen an immense evolution in Information Technology (IT) and has impacted not only on the technological sectors but also the socio-political and economic sectors. One of the archetype of this evolution that have gained momentum have been the cloud computing. With the cloud computing still in its infancy, the tremendous opportunity for the third sector organisation adopting cloud computing will help third sector organisation to decrease their cost in term of acquiring hardware, software and services. As issues with security, availability and service level agreement is concerned, the credibility of the cloud computing which have result of the lack of investment for third sector organisation. The main aims of this research proposal is to explore factors that influence how cloud computing could help third sector organisations in decision making and the reasons for its implementation. The research proposal will use quantitative design for the collection of data and analysis. The primary data will be collected from many third sector organisation and the secondary data will be collected from the existing literature with the view of supporting the data and to maintain the credibility of the research proposal.
The aims of this research will be to explore and critically assess the use of cloud computing in the third sector organisation in order to identify factors which influence its adoption.
• To critically assess the impacts of cloud…

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