Factors That Influence The Future Of Training Strategies

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The purpose of this paper is to examine additional trends that are believed to influence the future of training strategies, from a personal aspect, and base on future social, economic, political, and/or technological factors. Provided, will be the rationale for the belief and evidence supporting the statement of the thought that organizations are starting to move from a training perspective into a performance perspective instead, since training should not be for the sake of training, rather to improve overall job performance. Keywords: training, trends Major Thesis: Future Influential Training Trends Due to the ongoing changes and upgrades in technology, training techniques in organizations are going through drastic transformations, specifically incorporating the use of the computer and the internet. It is more evident than ever, that employees are attracted ti organizations where there is prominent opportunity to advance and improve their knowledge, skills and experience. Noe (2013) explains that businesses are enhanced when learning professionals are aligned with the business and take on full responsibility for the relationships as well as the outcomes that stem from the learning solutions (Noe, 2013, p. 476). Many organizations use this to attract and retain their employees, both current and potential prospects. We know that employees are given responsibilities and required duties within the workplace; therefore, training is beneficial to them, as it helps them
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