Factors That Influence The Obesity

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According to Ambinder (2010), "by 2015, four out of 10 Americans may be obese"(p. 72) which is a serious health challenge that should be addressed. I do not support the opinion that people who are obese are personally responsible for their health status and the health outcomes or consequences that relate to it. There are many factors other than personal behavior or responsibility that attribute to personal obesity like environmental and time factors. By viewing the environment and time factors that attribute to personal obesity allowed me to move from an individualistic perspective to a more collective responsibility perspective. Environmental factors, according to Ambinder (2010) are "cheap corn, fast food, and unscrupulous advertising" (p. 74) which many people cannot control or get rid of as an individual. While time factors can range from healthy meal food preparation, work time constraints, school constraints and etc. Two factors that attribute individual obesity is environmental and biological elements. There has been a debate for years, whether obesity is a personal issue or societal issue. I believe obesity is a personal and environmental issue. The environment is one cause that attributes to individual obesity, because if that individual does not have the funds, transportation or resources needed to access healthy products and services then they will have to settle for what 's already in their environment. According to Brownell et al. (2010) stated, "...
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