Factors That Influences Blood Glucose Control

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Abstract Background: Diabetes is the most dangerous and common life long-health condition which affects mankind irrespective of age. Diabetes is a boon for the health care provider as it is a very demanding and complex disease. It is very essential that this killer disease must be identified early and significant treatment must be entitled to the patient as soon as it is detected. By creating a good awareness of this disease and its manifestations, the increasing number of mortality and morbidity of patients can be reduced around the globe. Aims & Objectives: This thesis is aimed at identifying the major factors which influences blood glucose control, the measures needed to control the upsurge of diabetes in the society ,preventive measures , precaution steps and means of keeping diabetes under control. ➢ The relevance of diet in glycaemic control and the factors which influences the change in glycaemic level in a diabetic patient. ➢ The means of estimating glycaemic levels, relevance of HbA1c and the screening process for diabetes. ➢ Can blood glucose control prevent , delay or reverse Diabetes mellitus? ➢ Does the degree of blood glucose control affect the development of complications equally in all patients ? Clinicians must be aware while treating DM patients of the main causative factors which can lead to variations in the glycaemic levels and glucose monitoring. By identifying these factors a clinician can substitute the treatment offered to a patient and can
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