Factors That Lead The Goal The Realization Of The Knowledge Gap Is Not Yet Ripe

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At this stage it seems that in order to realize the career objective, the time is not yet ripe. Clark and Estes’ (2008) explain that in order to achieve performance and achieve success, there is an urgent need of gap analysis, ascertain the cause of gap and provide a systematic, analytical method that helps to clarify organizational goals and identify the gap between the actual performance level and the preferred performance level within an organization. In order to close the gap, I have assessed myself and on many parameters I lack capabilities which need an urgent relook. According to Clark and Estes, there are three causes of gaps namely knowledge-based gaps, motivational based gaps, and organizational based gaps. In my case, to achieve the goal the realization of the knowledge gap is to be given due consideration. Although I am very motivated, committed and possess competence with the excellent organizational capacity, but a considerable gap is lying between my present knowledge and the requirements of my career objective. Presently, I have an immense knowledge regarding my TOPIC. I have authored articles that have been published, and have presented my findings internationally. Equally important, I have a solid experiential background, as well as detailed research in the application of methods designed to promote TOPIC. While my knowledge background of the field of TOPIC is quite strong, my knowledge of leading county-level JOB is practically non-existent. The skill

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