Factors That Lead to the Achievement of Industrial Harmony, That Create the Environment for Best Practices in Management

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1. Introduction
Industrial harmony has been viewed as an abstract concept. It is ideal and its existence is not felt in most organizations, as they are unstable and chaotic, resulting in tense working environment. This has been shown by the fact that most employers tend to believe they are the only ones who can be wronged. They overlook the fact that some of their practices could compromise relations with their employees. Management’s focus has been on the disciplinary matters as a way of setting the tone of labour relations. In as much as the disciplinary aspect is essential, so is the grievance resolution aspect of managing relationships at the workplace. The labour relationship, as it exists has its own
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The organization is experiencing high staff turnover and employees who are leaving the organization are citing poor management practices which is premised on dictatorial tendencies, poor work relationships between subordinates and superiors, low salaries and benefits are being cited as the major cause.
It has become necessary to investigate into factors that lead to the achievement of industrial harmony, that create the environment for best practices in management.
1.2 Statement of the Problem
The interests of Zimbabweans partners and Chinese partners are basically seen as being at odds, each being treated differently by management. The Chinese are geared at promoting and safeguarding their interests at the expense of the Zimbabweans workers and the Chinese are treated differently when it comes to disciplinary and remuneration issues. It has been realized that industrial harmony is not fully functional yet it has been proven that factory workers like any other employees are naturally sensitive and skeptical about any kind of treatment to themselves and other fellow employees. The feelings, groaning and complaints which employees raise and go unattended have been realized to affect Industrial harmony. It has then prompted the
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