Factors That Led To The Collapse Of The Mayan Civilization

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The Maya civilization was one of the most successful civilizations of its time. The Mayans were one of the most dominant civilizations in Mesoamerica, located in tropic lowlands in what is now known as Guatemala. The Mayans were very religious, as they worshipped gods that were related to nature, such as a rain god and a sun god. They were an agricultural society that mostly relied on trade in order to get their resources. Mayans were often seen as advanced compared to other European civilizations with their arts, writing, agricultural techniques, and their architecture. Even though the Maya civilization was very successful, it eventually collapsed. Historians often debate about how such an advanced civilization could have collapsed. Although there were many factors that contributed to the collapse of the Mayan, the three that contributed the most were the collapsing social structure, a decrease in resources, and as well as drought.
One factor that contributed to the Maya Collapse was the fact that their once strong social class was beginning to fall. The Maya social class was made up of nobles, farmers and slaves. Over time, this system started to become unorganized. In his article, Maya Collapse: Recent Insight on the Classic Maya Collapse, Joel Palka describes that Mayan cities either fell or thrived due to the way their politics and religion were handled. The cities that thrived either negotiated their power or had it distributed equally through calendar cycles. The

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