Factors That Led To The Dehumanization Of Muslims

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The United States is famous for its history and journey to becoming the world’s most powerful source. The country is renowned for it foundations on liberty and is frequently labeled the free world. Yet, as powerful as it may appear to others, the United States suffers from an internal cancer that affects almost every American at some point in their lives. For those who are followers of Islam, a dark image of America surfaced after the September 11 terror attacks. Many muslims and non-muslims who mistaken as muslims were attacked and harassed for no apparent reason. Many illogical Americans assumed that because the attackers were muslims, then all muslims believe in terrorism and the radical idea of Islam, yet this assumption is far from the truth. In fact, many muslim-americans were saddened by the attacks as any other American was. But in this time of persecution, muslims were not seen as fellow Americans.…show more content…
Although some may say that the dehumanization of muslims, the media’s portrayal of Islam, the American’s habit to search for any enemy while under attack, and the spread of rumors and false claims contributed to the islamophobia after the terror attacks, I believe, however, that the growing resentment toward muslims was caused by the characteristics that make up a crowd, primarily the habit of dehumanizing the opponent. I also claim that Girard’s crowd behavior theories of persecution and anger when there is a lack of difference also applies to the crowd behavior of the country after the terror
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