Factors That Led Us To A Dystopian Society

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Are we really heading in the right direction? Our society consist of many elements that determine the placements of every individual. A Dystopian universe is based upon a society where things work functionally and planned. Every being has a task, every machine is programed, every animal is used. The world itself is one system. Some wish for the “Perfect” society, they believe it is only appropriate that everybody does what they have to and things get done appropriately. You also have people who enjoy the unevenness and offset of balance. The future is coming soon. Now we must find out if we want a “Perfect” society or a little “strange”. Some believe that the world we live in is well rounded and works efficiently. But you do have some people…show more content…
Humans over many years have destroyed land for their own use to provide some kind of aid. Over many years native land has been claimed, destroyed, or used for industrial work. The U'wa living on the land have had to be relocated to new lands because of the destruction of the land. The land was being used for its oils and resources. Because us humans know that we can claim land that easily, which can lead to future destruction. The land is being used for the human use without consideration or empathy for the opposing view. It is truly difficult to really understand the thought process of our higher authority and the control they have. Fahrenheit…show more content…
When you are placed in a subject or category based on wealth, style, smarts, etc. you are being put into a class system. Journalist have written articles about the class system being assigned at birth. Some individuals are chosen with little to no say. A baby has no way of avoiding assignment to a certain class. They children were given a drug in their system which places them. The classes can range from poor to rich, strong to weak, or smart to idiotic. We are placed into these “classes” in many ways. Katniss Everdeen from the book hunger games was placed into a classed society were the wealthy and stylish individuals were separated into districts. Katniss is in a non wealthy and is put into district 12 where they have to fend for themselves and gather their own resources. You are looked at as part of a category. You are judged by appearance, wealth, whatever decision you made or genetic aspect you have no control over. Many people would like to stop this continuous judgment but there isn't a real way to stop it. It has made our society the way it is now. This could be just the baby steps toward a dystopian or utopian universe. Everybody is divided into their own groups which avoid interfering of one another. No one too wealthy affects anyone too wealthy.

To some about everything that shows that our society is in fact heading towards a dystopian universe. Technology is advancing in many ways and the thought
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