Factors That Play Into Choosing What Type Of Childcare Facilities

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There are several factors that play into choosing what type of childcare facility to open. Some questions to ask are how many children do I wish to have? How about the age range for the children in the center? The operating hours as well as operational days will determine what type of childcare you will have to start. A child care center extends child care services, covering early learning openings, for a set tuition in a center based setting. Child care centers are typically licensed by the state. Several states excuse particular kinds of child care centers from licensing. State licensing guidelines give direction regarding the number of children that can be enrolled and in what type of child care program. A family child care home offers…show more content…
There are several teachers that are available to the child and can help support each other. Licensing requirements are done by state agencies, and usually safer. Training of teachers is regulated and is held to a higher standard regarding health and safety. Center based child cares are inspected yearly. All centers have a set curriculum and therefore more options to teach and learn. Center based child care is dependable because you know the hours and days of operation will not change. Now we will talk about the disadvantages of a center based child care. There are more children to take care of since there will be larger groups. Having too many different caregivers or teachers may confuse the child and steer away from consistency. Center based tuition can be more expensive, especially when there are more than one child in the family. The businesses operating hours may be outside the normal parenting work hours which leave no flexibility for drop off and pick up. Also, if a child was to become sick, they would not be allowed to stay the remainder of the day, and cannot return based on their symptoms until they are well again. Another type of childcare is a family home based child care. This is when one teacher is caring for children in smaller groups. The type of setting is probably located in the teacher’s home which is operated as a small business. There are several advantages of being part of a family home based daycare. There are smaller groups with have
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