Factors That Promote The Vulnerability

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Factors that Promote the Vulnerability to Violence in Canada’s Aboriginal Women i. Political Factors The first political factor that serves to embody one of the root causes for violence against Aboriginal women in Canada is the legislative gap, or its lack thereof. According to Harper (2006), both federal and provincial law essentially fails to address the equal division of matrimonial property on reserves. In contrast, as Harper (2006) continues to suggest, al other Canadian citizens are protected by law in this respect. However, when it comes to Aboriginal people, the federal government claims it has no jurisdiction over lands reserved for Indians. The resulting consequence of this lack of legislation is that there is no direction as to how property will be divided in the event a common-law relationship is dissolved. Therefore, this exposes the vulnerability of omen is fighting for their rights, and attracts violence from based on the same. Furthermore, the Indian Act of 1876, according to Harper (2006), essentially created the political dominion of the male Aboriginal gender, which essentially reduced the participative role of Aboriginal women and constricted them to the spatial nuances of the homestead, and promoted sex-based discrimination. The second political factor is the residential school system which operated between the early 1800’s to 1996. The government undertook the authority to assimilate the Aboriginal population into the greater Canadian populace, by
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