Factors That Should Be Considered When Determining The Purpose Of Evaluation

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Factors that should be considered when determining the purpose of evaluation are: Formative evaluation and summative evaluation are the two factors that determine the purpose of educational evaluation (Glickman, Gordon, & Ross-Gordon, 2014, p. 225). Robert Stakes says it best in his comment: “When the cook tastes the soup, that 's formative: When the guests taste the soup, that 's summative” (Billard, 2011). Just as a cook, evaluators are using formative evaluations to keep the program in balance, to improve the program, to eliminate distractions from goals and to reassure that the program follows the pre-established guidelines. Consequently, the evaluators are using the summative evaluations to determine if the programs are fulfilling their purpose; the sole outcome of summative evaluation is to keep the programs, to modify dramatically the programs or to terminate the programs (Glickman et al., 2014). As an inference from Stakes’ quote, the summative evaluations can include the findings from formative evaluations (Glickman et al., 2014). Factors that should be considered when determining who will evaluate are: Who will evaluate the programs implemented? It would be wise to consider all the factors when establishing the participants of the evaluations. When the State, District, Schools or central office develop programs it is significant to include the beneficiary before taking the decisions (Glickman et al., 2014) because the beneficiary can offer an input to the program.
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