Factors That Teach Math Reasoning And Patient Problem Solving Is Not Realistic?

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Differentiation is a tool that requires teachers to change from focusing on the “average learner” to one that allows students some control over the difficulty level. It is a problem-based approach for the classroom that works well for teaching mathematics while attending to a wide range of students.
In today’s age, many students expect simple problems and become impatient; quickly to give up if the solution takes some thinking. However, no problem worth solving is that simple. The way textbooks teach math reasoning and patient problem solving is not realistic (Meyer, 2017). Questions in textbooks give you all the information to solve the problem, which allows students the ability to decode the textbook to pass
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Let’s see how many different pictures we can make?
Students came up with various answers and showed various ways of representing the concept. This is differentiated as students were allowed a wider range of responses and had multiple models.
Thus, this question could be scaffolded by expanding students thinking about models for fractions. They could consider area models for fractions where the shapes differ but the area remains the same. MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS TO THE CONTENT
This step in the idea of creating a problem-based classroom is crucial as you need to know where you want students to get to at the end of the unit. The teachers should be aware of the specific learning outcomes so that the guidance that the students need is effective and promotes their learning to the next scaffolded lesson. Also, the information taught has to be engaging which means that the lessons require students to develop relational understanding (Van de Walle & Lovin, 2006). This way it engages students and invites them to be problem solvers using their prior knowledge in creative ways to find their solution, where they will feel self-gratification for finding the solution. Thus, the students need encouragement toward mathematics and guidance to see mathematics as useful and worthwhile.
Knowing your students is a big part of teaching as making connections with your students allows the teacher to recognize student readiness and
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