Factors for Success in the Workplace Essay

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Factors for Success in the Workplace Thesis Sentence This paper will examine the Base Central Test Facilities ability to meet the Four Critical Success Factors while operating under USAF Downsizing and Force reduction initiatives. INTRODUCTION We have all seen the TV commercial from New York Life of the man in the office who has his life turned upside down as a result of being laid-off by a company undergoing Downsizing or Re-structuring. Just like that individual many military workcenters have been turned upside down by Downsizing or Force reductions. No matter what you call it, Downsizing, Re-structuring, Rightsizing, Lay-offs, or Re-organizing someone losses a job and someone else has to pickup the slack. What can we at…show more content…
This was due in large part to the way communication services were paid. Until its deactivation the Air Force Communications Command (AFCC) paid the bill for all base-level communications, both phone and data. Payments are now paid directly by the customer by way of such policies as Fee-for-Service. This has caused our customers to re-evaluate their needs and to demand better service from us while keeping their costs down. In order to satisfy these desires we have setup workgroups to survey and meet with all of our customers. These groups meet periodically to exchange information on current communications projects and to discuss any future requirements they might have. This has enabled us to fix problems before it's too late and to plan for communications infrastructure upgrades we might need as a result of the future requirements. These groups are composed of personnel at all levels so that both long, medium and short range plans can be formulated. With information from these working groups we can now develop routine and/or low cost technical solutions for customer communications needs at a local level. Those requirements that are high cost or involve multiple agencies are forwarded to Higher Headquarters (HQ). This is still somewhat of a problem since HQ is good at engineering the big stuff but usually forgets to check the small details. New Products and Technologies: Everyday
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