Factors in Calculating Emissions

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Having efficient Energy star rated equipment also helps.
b) Refrigeration: Maintaining the freezer (above -15 degrees Celsius) and fridge temperatures (between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius). With some proper planning, I can ensure that the fridge is not stuffed with food and food is cooled before being put in the fridge, which reduces the load and time for the motor to run.
c) Food and Shopping: Reducing the consumption of meat, dairy products like cheese and take away food seems to bring large reductions in carbon emissions for me
The Greenhouse emissions are calculated separately for direct and indirect emissions. For direct emissions, carbon emissions are calculated using ‘(Direct) Emission Factors’ for each fuel type, which is the ratio of carbon dioxide generated for a given quantity of fuel. Indirect emissions from electrical power consumption are estimated through the use of ‘(Electrical) Indirect emission factor, which is varies based on the method of the electricity purchased or consumed. This number varies by region and location.
The calculator estimates the amount of energy required to move the vehicle based on factors…
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