Factors in Choosing Leisure Activities

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Activities that an individual does in his leisure time are not because the necessity of that activity nor the duty of that person, and they for the purpose of making money, however they come from the from the responsibilities that are owed to individual’s family, society, politics, and so on, which are done for free in order to satisfy ones self (Dumazedier, 1967). Leisure activities are done by the individual because of set of group of sociocultural factors, which in my case, I divided them into personal factors, which are factors that are closely related to specific individual in the society, like goals, subculture, individual’s situations in that moment, and institutional role of the individual in that moment, age, sex, and gender of the individual; social capital factors, like living in a capitalism society, individualism, and sociability; and social class factors, like income, social class level, and occupation. All these factors together affect one’s choices about her leisure activities, and it is not possible to say that a single activity is done because of a single factor and not the other factors.
According to my time map, most of my time in a week was spent on sleeping and studying, and my leisure time was spent on surfing the internet, home exercising, volunteering, working, playing pool, hanging out, shopping,…
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