Factors of Economic Development

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Factors of economic development Economic development involves actions that are sustained and concerted by policy makers and the entire community. These actions lead to improved standards of living as well as the economic health within a specified area either in the local, regional or global environment. Economic development can also be termed as the qualitative and quantitative changes that occur within an economy. For economic development to take place there has to be contributions by various factors. Some these factors can lead to economic development if they are appropriately managed (Mohr, 2012). There is a lot of interest in macroeconomics when it comes to these factors of economic development. Macroeconomics deals with performance, behavior, structure and the entire decision making of an economy in general as opposed to looking at individual markets. This encompasses national, regional as well as the global economies. Through microeconomic there is the aggregation of indicators like GDP, price indexes and the rates of unemployment that enable the understanding of the functioning of the entire economy. This paper will look at various factors of economic development and how they contribute to economic development. Good government The system of government that is found within a country is a major determinant of the economic development that can take place within the country. This is because; most of the industries in a country are under the control of the government
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