Factors of Effective Communication

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Introduction Effective communication in any organization is essential in building a cohesive team that delivers high quality performance and results. Where there are communication failures there will be limitation of human performance that might create an environment of tension and misunderstanding. It is of importance for standardized communication tools to be created in order to establish an environment that gives individuals an opportunity to speak up and express concerns as well as share common critical language that can alert team members in case of unsafe situations. Effective team work tends to be about effective communication. Communication forms a vital factor of interpersonal interaction while the term teamwork as well signifies interpersonal interaction. Therefore among the key aspects of effective teamwork is open communication, for it gives space for the team members to articulate their feelings, share ideas, understand each other's viewpoints and express their plans, ( HYPERLINK "http://www.buzzle.com/authors.asp?author=26534" Deepa Kartha, 2012). Hence, sorting out and grappling with the complexities that are involved in communication forms part of the challenges of developing and sustaining effective teamwork. If poor communication have been realized, all possible measures should be taken to find a solution to this aspect so that an effective communication is created between the team members. Where the top management in an organization promotes thoughtful
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