Factors of the Increasing Trend to Consume Organic Foods

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There is a growing relationship between Organic Food marketers and their consumer’s base. Over the years increased food awareness has made an impact on the way consumers are choosing their food. Awareness relating to the use of genetically modified food sources has left some consumers concerned for their health, and they see eating organically as a positive substitute. Researchers are investigating what other factors and marketing techniques are affecting consumer’s trends for organic food. Through the use of social media outlets some organic famer companies are starting to build an engaging relationship with their cliental. Organic food is making its presences known in pop culture and may be changing the tide against dirty foods. In order for advertising to be effective for the organic food market the advertiser first must have an understanding of the consumer needs. In today’s society there is more information available for consumers, and this is shaping their understanding of the products they are buying. According to the Journal of Advertising this concept seems even more prevalent because of “the green market for ‘green’ products and, in particular, organic food products, where exponential growth has recently been observed.” (Ioannis, Carlson, & Muehling, 2014). This would account for United States sale growth of over 400 million dollars annually with the help of over 300 certified organic products annually. Organic marketers do not see this trend slowing down anytime

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