Factors that Affect Plant Growth

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Plant growth is based on many different variables. Temperature, amount of sunlight and pH of soil are all factors that can affect the growth and development of a plant. Environmental factors can either allow plants to thrive, or leave them unable to grow and die. One important factor is the quality of the soil the plant is growing in. Urban development of land can have a serious impact on the soil, shaping how healthy a plant can be, while, understandably, soil in untouched areas of land would be of far better quality and better suited to grow plants. Seven years ago Ashburn was practically farmland compared to today. Over time it was developed and houses and buildings began to crop up up all around the area, which had an inevitable effect on the plant life. Some parts of Ashburn, though, are still very much like they were years ago. This experiment compares plant growth between soils from both areas in order to support the idea that plant growth is stunted in areas that have undergone construction.
In the experiment, ten pots of soil from a woodsy area and ten from an area undergoing construction have had marigold seeds planted in them. Over the weeks that follow, every seven days each of the sprouting plants will be measured and have its height recorded (in centimeters). At the end of the experiment, the data will be compared between the growth of the plants in the poor soil, and the growth of the other plants. Hypothetically, if plants are grown in soil from an area being
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