Factors that Affect Teen Sex Behavior

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In fact, the whole scenario is so intense that there are at least 2 to 3 cases happening each day. As there is no smoke without fire, for each and every occurrence, there is definitely a cause as to why it happens. Without any second thought, teen sex behavior is the main cause of this problem. No matter in the first-world or third-world countries, teen sex behavior has becoming common issue everywhere. Among some of the factors that cause teen sex behavior that plague the world today are family stability, media and religion.
As we all know, family plays a significant role in teens’ life as it will cause a great impact on their emotions and characters when they are still in the growing and learning stage. However nowadays, teens get neglected or feel unloved and uncared most of the times as their parents are caught up in the rat race or family problems such as divorcee. According to an article published by the Heritage Foundation, Children whose parents have divorced are increasingly the victims of abuse and neglect. They exhibit more health problems, as well as behavioral and emotional problems (The Effects of Divorce on America). On the other hand, according to a research done by the ministry of education of Singapore, slightly more than 80 per cent of parents think that it was important to broach the sexual topic, but less than 50 per cent had actually done so (Many parents shy to talk…
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