Factors that Affected the Outcome of World War Two Essay

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Factors that Affected the Outcome of World War Two

There were many factors that affected the outcome of World War Two. Some of these were how many tanks you had, how powerful your tanks were, and how well they were built. The Allies had the most tanks in the war and this was one of the main things that helped them win. The Germans had the most powerful tanks in the war, but the allies out numbered them. The Allies using light and medium tanks in big groups against the Germans powerful tanks was the main thing that helped them win World War Two.
During World War Two there were many different types of tanks. They were put into categories depending on weight and armament. There were four main categories of tanks: heavy tanks, medium
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This led to American tanks being very maneuverable and mechanically reliable, but there was hardly enough gun power and usually not enough protection. The Soviet designers put firepower first, and made protection and mobility equal in second. Their tanks always had good guns, enough protection, and they were fast, but they were not as reliable as the designers wanted. The British designers put protection first, mobility second, and firepower third. This led to some failures. By putting firepower last the guns on the British tanks weren’t powerful enough to harm German tanks.

The Germans had the most powerful tank force out of all the countries fighting in World War Two. Their tank force was composed in 1939 and had 3,195 vehicles in all. During World War Two the Germans used the Blitzkrieg or lightning strategy, which was very effective. They also put all their tanks into panzer divisions. These panzer divisions were a big success during the first two years of the war. Other countries came up with formations similar to the panzer divisions. This led to a drastic increase in tank production for the Germans. Starting in 1942 they rearmed all of their tanks.
They made them bigger, heavier, have more armor, and they added bigger guns. The main tanks that they upgraded were the Pz. IV and the Tiger Tank. They also introduced the Panther medium tank around this time. The Panther medium

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