Factors that Causes Stress

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In the modern world, people experience stress in various forms throughout their daily lives. Stress in the medical world referred to as the “silent killer”. Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain usually caused by demanding situations, a traumatic experience and often times due to mental health issues namely anxiety. While perfectly normal to experience stress and sometimes beneficial in providing a person with needed focus in order to perform important tasks. However, this condition can become uncontrolled, persistent, overbearing and in many destroy overall well-being. The human body reacts to stress with physical, emotional and mental changes. As is the case with many people today, the conditions linger for long periods,…show more content…
Whereas, many seek alternative solutions such as herbal remedies and relaxing techniques such as meditation or simple stress relief exercises. As a final point, many factors contribute to stress and diseases, consequently chronic stress and anxiety. For the purpose of, further discussion several topics need exploration. To start with, causes/effects on the human body (nervous system) and other major organs. Secondly, an overview on the major illness and diseases brought on by negative and prolonged stress. Above all, preventative measures one can implement to avoid prolonged stress including, stress management. Additionally, a review on pharmaceutical drugs available and if they cause more harm than good (short-term/long-term). Lastly, to examine natural remedies and therapy and can they help in the battle against stress. Natural herbs also are a very popular alternative to pharmaceuticals, many people believe prescription drugs are just as harmful if not more so than the disease itself. For this reason, alternative techniques and exercises such as yoga and meditation have become very popular forms of stress management in aiding overall health. A growing sub-culture believes pharmaceutical medicines are just as dangerous if not more so, than the actual diseases
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