Factors that Create Limitations to the Students when Pursuing Life Opportunities

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Benjamin Franklin once stated, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Offering education advances the minds of the people and gives them the tools to operate and construct today's future. Investing in education is an effective way of achieving this outcome and is practiced by many government. That stated, restrictions arise due to lack of resources based on inequity in our school system. In a modern time where education should be at its best, our education system lacks the benefits of enhancing the minds of the future. Factors like focusing on test scores, budget cuts and inequity within the schools system itself, contribute to these restrictions repressing our future. These factors create limitations to the students when…show more content…
When a school fails to meet the ATP, Adequate Yearly Progress, benchmark, budgets cuts occur in order to not lose funding. The first cuts occur to the non-tested subjects such as the arts programs, electives and even extracurricular activities. Tina Beveridge concern with this act, stated in “No Child Left Behind and Fine Arts Classes,” “With the increased pressure on building administrators to get the most value for their staff dollars, arts teachers are encouraged—and sometimes required—to incorporate tested subjects into their curricula. (Beveridge)” Courses such as the arts are not considered a “core” subject when compared to reading and math courses and thus are either modified or cut in order to “make space” for the intermediate courses design to ameliorate the student’s scores. These budgets cut also become harm to student’s education as it limits the materials they can cover. Instead of restricting the students of electives and the arts and forcing them to take reading and math intermediate classes, the school districts should focus more on the actual learning experience instead of ways in improving scores. In the end, it is always beneficial for students to receive the most from a rich and diverse curriculum. President Bush's’ act, “No Child Left Behind” has face controversy since it was passed due to concerns whether it will work and how it will affect the student’s education. Although the president’s initial conquest is praised, in

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