Factors that Have a Great Impact on Academic Achievements

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Moreover, people are more concerned about the literacy rate in their country compared to the past. Also, the parents want to give their children the best possible education, and the government of the countries is also trying to provide best education to the students because the future of a country depends on the literacy rate of that country. There are many factors which have great influence on academic achievement such as the education environment, the facilities available to students, and the personal life of the student. However, nowadays countries are showing more interest in reducing the class size. It seems obvious that smaller classes have significant influence on the academic achievement of students. The positive influence of class size on academic achievement can be shown by circumstantial evidence, anecdotal evidence, and research that were carried out in order to illustrate that academic achievement can be attained through class size reduction policies.
The positive influence of class size reduction on academic achievement can be shown through circumstantial evidence. Class size reduction is a very attractive strategy for most of the developed American and European countries. Most of the countries have already adopted the class size reduction policies such as United States, and many other countries are trying to adopt class reduction policies such as Canada, Australia, and…
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