Essay on Factors that Influence Development in Children

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UNDERSTAND THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S DEVELOPMENT AND HOW THESE AFFECT PRACTICE There are various personal factors which can affect the development of children and young people. When a child is conceived, their genetics are formed. It is becoming increasingly apparent that as well as deciding, hair colour our genetics can influence addiction, depression and self-esteem issues. A baby’s development can also be affected during pregnancy. A mother’s lifestyle can also have an effect. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, infections picked up, stress, anxiety and diet can all influence the development of a child before birth. Factors such as being born premature or being injured during birth can also affect…show more content…
It is important that we recognise that areas of development are linked; therefore disabilities can affect various aspects. As well as an effect on physical development other areas of a child’s development can be affected. Emotional development may suffer as the child may feel they are different to others. Cognitive development may also be affected as concentration may be affected. These disabilities could also have a negative effect on communication development as the child may struggle to speak, as a result social development will also be affected as thy may be unable to communicate with others. Frustration from being unable to do things may cause problems with behaviour. Sensory Impairment Sensory impairments are defects in vision, sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and spatial awareness. Visual impairments are when vision is partially lost, severely impaired or completely lost. Sometimes this can be improved with glasses or contact lenses, medical treatment or surgery, but there are occasions where this cannot be treated. This can affect a child’s emotional they may feel they are different than others. It can also restrict physical development as the child may not be able to do the same activities as other children which would also affect their social development because they are not able to join in with others. Written communication can also be affected as they may be
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