Factors that contribute to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Explore the factors that contribute to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. There are four areas that contribute to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. It is important to study the cultural and historical background in which the play is set as this affects how characters behave and interact with each other. Another factor is individual characters and how their personalities and behaviour contribute to the deaths of the two protagonists. Love and hate affects the characters and causes the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Some people believe that the events in the play happened because of fate and that they happened for a reason; others may think that the events of the play happened just by chance. Therefore it is important to study all four of…show more content…
At one part in the play his friends think he is still in love with Rosaline when in fact he has forgotten about Rosaline and is in love with Juliet. Romeo is quick to arrange the wedding and doesn’t wait to visit Friar Lawrence. The fact that Romeo and Juliet didn’t stop to think about marriage is one of the factors that contribute to their deaths. The Friar also thinks Romeo is in love with Rosaline and expects that he has spent the night with her, because he is in a good mood “God pardon sin! Wast thou with Rosaline”, but instead he has spent the night with Juliet. Romeo has a close relationship with the Friar, he acts as a father figure. This is shown when the Friar tell him he is banished. Romeo threatens to kill himself but Friar Lawrence stops him and gives Romeo some advice as Romeo knows he can trust the Friar “ Let me dispute with thee of thy estate”. The Friar is always ready with a plan. He has a civil relationship with most characters and doesn’t have any enemies, in the play, which is unusual as most characters have an enemy. Tybalts enemy is Romeo and Lord Capulets enemy is Lord Montague. As a character the Friar is concerned about the feud and will do anything in his power to stop it “To turn your households’ rancour to pure love”. He always wants to do the right thing by everyone but his decisions and actions end in
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