Factors to Be Considered for a Research

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Guideline for ajack019: All I want you to do here is to write all of this below in your words. No need to restructure or to add new stuff. The message across the whole document should not be change. Only thing that I want you to change are the sources which are marked in Red. Once I get this back from you I will order the rest immediately! Thanks! Methodology The researcher has several alternatives on how to gather the required data in order to conduct a thesis. One popular alternative is to us a self-administered questionnaire. There are many valid reasons to use this quantitative method. It is principally the most economical option and it is perceived by participants of a study to be more anonymous than other methods (Cooper and Schindler, 2006). Lastly, is also permits contact with participants who normally would be difficult to get in contact with due to their busy schedule. Specifically for this study it is a good alternative for this very reason as it is targeting executive managers who do have a busy schedule on a daily basis. A qualitative approach is another alternative one may use; a method where measurement or statistics are not used. Examples of qualitative methods are focus groups, interviews, case studies, and participant observations (Boeree, 2005). Method: This study used a quantitative method of research. According to Neuman (2007), quantitative analysis uses various techniques which permit a conversion of variables. In addition, it allows a
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