Essay on Factors to College Dropouts

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Obviously, education is considered by most people as a survival kit for security of tenure and financial stability. Truly, many high school graduates who are enroll in college find themselves dropping off school in the first year of their college education. Admittedly, President Barack Obama’s administration knows this issue and has decided to even put out a $380 million educational budget for 2010 to assist students at risk of dropping out and to encourage high school graduates to earn an associate or bachelors degree in college. Today, college dropouts in American colleges have been steadily increasing due to inadequate academic preparation, compromising academic classes, and issues on parenthood. In the first place, Marty Nemko, a …show more content…
Many students leave school because they get more interested in their friends and pleasure.” (1). In this situation, Amy Azzam mentioned in a case study conducted by Civic Enterprises in 2007 for Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, nearly 38 percent of those surveyed left school because of too much friends and pleasure by staying up late in bars and night clubs that led to slacking off on school assignments that eventually resulted in school expulsion. Next, Amy Azzam pointed out that “Students were not motivated to work hard, but that they would have worked harder had their teachers demanded more” (2). The dropouts lack commitment to study well and they have poor study habits even when tutoring assistance is provided by the school. For the example, based on Azzam’s report 70 percent dropouts believed that they could have graduated if they attended classes; do the required reading assignments and tests. Lastly, Tamar Lewin, a news writer from New York Times stated that “Students leave school because of the lack of financial literacy skills” (1). Motivation alone without financial know-how cannot stop a student from dropping out. Many dropouts who belong to the low-income and minority group are ignorant of the financial literacy skills. Based on a survey, she stated that 7 out of 10 dropouts had no scholarship or loan aid and about 6
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