Factors to Consider when Decorating a Student Union

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Students unions need to consider color longevity and utilize colors that are neutral on fixed architectural structures and elements. Therefor, décor is critical aspect that involves the use of color combinations and materials whether building or furniture. Functionality of a union should be a necessary feature of the plan. The building design should have features of practicability and artistic beauty at the same time by keeping the design simple and sifisticated. That will help the students, espeacilly in the busy time, to move easily and quickly without destroying the university’s property as well as enjoying the beauty of the place. Therefore, the best décor for a student union building incorporates building materials and furnishings while considering with the main function of the building in mind (McVitty, 2009). In practical terms, the colors of the walls should match the furniture’s in ways that are inviting and nice to the students. For example, brown chairs would work well with grey tables in a room with grey walls. The walls in such a room should also not be entirely grey. In such a case, a strip of light or pale green in the middle of the wall breaks the monotony of gray color. Some walls should appear darker than others to create a sense of differentiation did. To complement the pale green strip on the walls, a potted plant could be placed somewhere in the room. The combinations of colors and the finishing’s should appear classy and fit for the students it was

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