Factors to Determine the Validity of Information Sources on the Web

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There is an abundance of information available in the world today, which covers a vast amount of fields and all this information is readily available to the public but it is often unclear to these students that all the information available may not always be credible and actually reliable or even true. The negligence of these students often results in non-factual research papers that are poorly written up. The failure to check for reliable sources may lead to inadvertent plagiarism too. This report focuses on what makes sources of information more reliable and credible than others, with a specific focus on research reports.
Readers seek sources of information that is trustworthy. That the creator, author or researcher’s ideas are their own is substantiated mainly by evidence. When given the task to have a research report written up, it usually entails doing research and finding information created by others, this being the case, it is imperative that credible information should be used. Remember that if your audience has found the source you have cited from as a non-credible source it could result in the relationship between you and your audience to suffer. There are various factors that determine the validity of a credible source of information,…
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