Factory Animal Abuse

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Moreover, factory farmed animals often receive low doses of antibiotics, creating bacterial resistance that is passed between bacteria and ultimately making bacteria more resistant to drugs needed by humans. The CDC reports that in this country, more people die from MRSA
Lomedico 3 than they do of AIDS (Boyles 1). The broad use of antibiotics among people and animals has contributed to the more frequent occurrence of drug-resistant MRSA. Antibiotics are also being used as a growth hormone on perfectly healthy animals that are not even ill in order to speed up their growth rate to get them to the slaughter house faster. Other growth hormones such as estradiol and progesterine are used in North American factory farms. Estradiol is a known carcinogen, and when exposed to it enough times, can cause cancer and its use is banned from
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These hormones being used on our meat are similar to hormones in our bodies and in excess amounts are known to cause puberty at younger ages and endocrine disorders in adults (Boyles 2). Further showing the need for more precise policy on the dangerous practices of factory farming.
Another major concern is that the environment is being decimated by animal waste from factory farms. “Up to 1 billion tons of manure is generated by livestock operations every year, much of it from CAFOs. In some cases, the waste is stored in a large lagoons or open piles that can leak or spill into adjacent land and water.” (Steuer 2). Waste storage can emit chemicals such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane particles into the atmosphere and re-deposited into waterways contributing to dead zones and eutrophication (Humane Society
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