Factory Farm Research Paper

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Have you ever been eating a sandwich and wondered where the meat was from? Have you ever been making eggs and wondered what happened to the hen that laid it? Well, your meat and your egg probably came from a factory farm. A factory farm is a system of rearing livestock using intensive methods, by which poultry, pigs, or cattle are confined indoors under strictly controlled conditions. So, the pig that gave you bacon didn't feel the sun on their back, the grass on their feet, or hear the calming sound of a caring human voice. One example of the effects factory farming is Nikki the pig. The factory farm that Nikki was living in beat her and…show more content…
It doesn’t affect them, so why should they care? Well, ignoring the obvious humane problem existing in our state alone, human health can be affected too. According to, due to the confined spaces of factory farms, sanitation is very poor and diseases are very common. There have been many counts of pigs dying of lethal diseases and birth defects like exposed intestines, where a pig's large intestine is sticking out of the anus. Furthermore, due to these overcrowded, stressful, unsanitary living conditions, antibiotics are used extensively on factory farms, which can create drug-resistant bacteria and puts human health at risk. Factory farming is a common style of farming that people don’t even know about. Tyson, ConAgra, KFC, and Dominos are only a small portion of companies that follow factory farming practices. They can only do this because the Minnesota State Law On Animals And Property, Section 343.21 exclude animals that are used for food, like pigs. This law needs to be amended so it can include factory farms for the sake of the animals health and ultimately our own
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