Factory Farming History

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The food industry today has changed the way people view food. People generally don’t think about where their food comes from or how it’s produced because they’re not the ones doing the dirty work. However, as of recently, the toll factory farming industry has on the environment and human health is being exposed. Although transportation may seem to be the leading cause of global warming, this is not the case. A 2009 Worldwatch report states that the animal agriculture industry causes 51% of all greenhouse gases. As time goes by and numbers are released, the true meaning behind meat today is revealed. The amount of resources that goes into animal agriculture as well as the poisonous gases coming out of it just isn’t worth a cheeseburger
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It’s origin can be traced back to after World War II, when more people started moving to urban locations in search of jobs. This caused urban areas to become crowded, therefore causing urban centers to overflow into neighboring farmlands. This decline in farmland lessened our reliance on agriculture and increased the popularity of protein-based diets, A decrease in land and labor forced workers to come up with a solution that would save money and space. Thus, factory farming was born. Animals were brought into closer confinement, which saved land space, and machinery was used when possible instead of human labor. Long story short, animals are being forced into environments for which they’re not biologically suited. As the world began to industrialize, people started to come up with alternative means that would ultimately compromise sustainability for…show more content…
In fact, animal agriculture consumes 30% of Earth’s water supply, 45% of Earth’s land, is responsible for 91% of Brazilian Amazon destruction, and is the leading cause of ocean “dead zones” (which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration defines as areas in the ocean of such low oxygen concentration that animal life suffocates and dies), habitat destruction, and species extinction.In the United States alone, more than 260 million acres of forest has been cleared to make room for crop fields, most of which are used to exclusively grow livestock feed. As this data was collected in 2014 and focused on only the United States, the amount of deforestation occurring in all of the Western societies due to factory farming in this day in age must be staggering. The process of deforestation in order to provide for factory farms is being seen in developing or emerging countries as well, where Western societies’ habits have the most influence. As mentioned above, animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon destruction. As a result, it’s estimated that close to 100 plant, animal, and insect species are lost due to the rapid clearing of rainforests. Not only does factory farming use up vital land, but it also ruins the land for future use due to overgrazing or overproducing. Factory farming also takes the lives
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