Factory Farming Is The Endangerment Of Our Environment

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The possibility of our planet Earth coming to an end is coming faster than expected. There are theories, documents, and myths about this unrealistic phenomenon that can come true if actions aren’t being taken. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, “The majority of American farmland in modern society is dominated by industrial agriculture – the system of chemically intensive food production developed in the decades after World War II, managing single-crop farms and animal production facilities”(1). The main source and reason why factory farms are active today is because the government’s permission to use corn to feed animals and produce crops. Subsiding corn came about two decades because the high demand for food was increasing and corn is cheaper to use to produce food such as meat and crops. With the practices of using corn in everything that we eat and make came with consequences. One of the consequences of factory farming is the endangerment of our environment. Our environment is very important to us because without it, our Earth will be nothing, but a planet of pure pollution. Society’s demands of food for affordable prices has taken a toll on the environment as we used fossil fuel, not becoming responsible for animal waste being dispose, and regulations not being implemented. However, solutions to saving our environment from the biggest problem of all, global warming, can be solve by eliminating fossil fuels, recycle the wastes and using it to make
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