Factory Working Conditions Of Bangladesh

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Factory Working Conditions In Bangladesh Does it take a catastrophic event for the factories in Bangladesh to become know for the harsh working conditions? Most Americans don’t understand, nor do Americans see how the factories and sweatshop workers are affected by the unsafe environments, the illegal use of children, and the minimal pay with no compensation. Americans take for granted the pay received, and the type of working conditions that are set in order to for the business to operate. Child labor laws in Bangladesh are very few in number, and the few that are set in place don’t completely protect the underage children working. Working in such a hazardous environment the workers should be compensated in either pay or benefits. The working environments and conditions in Bangladesh are not only harsh, but unsafe, and the workers are under compensated for the conditions. Factories in Bangladesh have some of the worst working environments for workers to operate in. There is no comparison between American factories, and factories in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh alone some of the most catastrophic work hazards happen in the factories. In Spencer 2 America certain laws are set in place to have guarantee that hazardous workplaces are under control, and at a certain point. Otherwise the business and or factory would have to be shut down for unsafe working conditions. On the 24th of April 2013 one of the most catastrophic
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