Facts About Hurricane Katrina

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It was wet and stormy walking to school, my first day in Louisiana wasn’t exactly the ideal picture I had in my head. They called for a hurricane to hit near town but I highly doubt it.
I guess you could say I don’t really fit in here. I’m pretty much the only blonde i’ve seen all day… and it doesn’t make it much better that i’m 12 and still under 5 feet. So making friends hasn’t been the best thing for me, but I did get a bunch of girls numbers in this making friends activity we did at school, but I’m too chicken to text them.
While walking home today the winds really did pick up, so I’m kind of a little nervous that we might actually have a hurricane. But what really made me nervous is all abandoned, homeless kids I saw walking on the street
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What if I texted and told them what I’ve done and how they can help? So I did and it worked, the girls I texted decided that it was a good idea also. All together we gathered 57 kids. Just 2 hours later after gathering our last group, 80% of New Orleans was under water, up to 20 feet in deep places. (“11 Facts About Hurricane Katrina”). It was my very first hurricane and it happens to be the largest and 3rd strongest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall in the U.S. (“11 Facts About Hurricane Katrina”). But I wasn’t scared because I had all these kids who have experienced one already and they can keep me company. Once the storm was over we took all the kids to a community shelter. There was still 705 people reported missing as a result of the hurricane (“11 Facts About Hurricane Katrina”). But thanks to my idea there wasn’t 760 people missing. I also learned at the shelter that the hurricane was the U.S. most expensive natural disaster (“9 Facts About Hurricane Katrina”). After we dropped of the kids at the big, crowded shelter the mayor of the Louisiana came with a news reporter to come talk to me. I was shocked! I guess one of the girls I texted told the mayor what I did for the homeless kids and wanted to hear my
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