Facts about Adoption vs. Abortion

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Facts about Adoption vs. Abortion Outline Thesis: Information is distorted concerning women's rights concerning adoption and abortion. Facts: Adopted children who talk negative about adoption or talk about the natural mothers are considered to be selfish and inconsiderate. Many people feel the abortion rate would go up if the truth about adoption and its long term effects on mother and child were known. Adoption provides a divorce like situation on children between the natural family and the adopted family. Statistics show "mothers whose children are adopted out often come from higher socioeconomic backgrounds" (Frisch, 2004). Unwed mothers have been misinformed, uninformed, and have no moral support due to the belief they will get over it and the child will not know. Unwed mothers are frequently unsupported in keeping the child leading to a greater number of abortions. Statistics show the greater number of mothers who are supported, the less number of abortions (Frisch, 2004). Statistics do not show that adoptions actually avert abortion (Richards, 2007). Adoption agencies claim adoption is will make a mother feel good about the decision where individuals claim it is violation of the mother's rights. Politicians make abortion claims on supported facts (Richards, 2007). Draft Information is distorted between politicians advocating abortion reduction and adoption business advertising for business and the unwed mothers who have been forced to make the
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