Facts about the American Revolution

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A. 1. The early colonists had trouble passing the Appalachian Mountains due to the difficult conditions that they had to endure in order to be able to reach the other side. As a consequence, the Appalachians kept westward expansion from occurring at a faster pace and is actually one of the reasons why colonies developed rapidly in the east while the west came to be seen as a hostile territory by most colonists. Even with this, the moment when the colonists discovered the Cumberland Gap was an essential time in American history. Even with the fact that the Cumberland Gap was guarded by Native American tribes when it was first discovered, it was nonetheless proof that expansion westward was not as difficult as colonists might have expected. One of the most interesting aspect about this location is that Native Americans have been using it for hundreds of years previous to the moment when colonists discovered it. 2. Although many colonists wanted to go farther west in order to reach the Pacific Coast, some realized that the mid-west represented an intriguing location that could be exploited by growing large areas of grain. Concomitantly, colonists were impressed with the fact that they could exploit the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, taking into account that they could provide basic necessities for numerous individuals. Settlers thus expanded westward and built settlements in areas previously believed to be hostile. This made it possible for the colonies to experience rapid
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