Facts on George Washington Carver

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Facts on George Washington Carver At the age of 14 George Washington Carver witnessed a black man being drug out into the streets to be hung and burned. At the time when African Americans were looked down upon George Washington Carver was a very successful with what he did in Ag and science. When George Washington Carver was a small child he was abandoned by his biological parents and left on the lawn of his adopted parents house. George Washington Carver had a rough childhood and he was looked down upon as a child He was almost mute as a child. As he got older he could talkk better. As an adult he had a lisp. A family friend of the Carver family gave George Washington Carver a spelling book. With that book he learned to read and write. He said it also helped him speak. His sister was almost beaten to death by night riders after the Civil War. Night riders were white men whose purpose was to scare and kill blacks. The night riders tried to hurt the Carver kids multiple times. When he became older he was very successful with the peanut. He invented peanut butter and many other peanut products. He made over three hundred peanut products. They include paints, stains, makeup and peanut butter. People now like both of those things. He only patented three of three hundreds of his inventions because he was very poor and could not pay to patented more the three of his three hundred of his inventions. #1,522,176, 1/6/1925, Cosmetics & Plant
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