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Morning: A bowl of cereal at 7:45am. I prepared the bowl of cereal with milk and Cheerios. I also had an orange juice. I ate the entire bowl of cereal.

Afternoon: At 12:26pm, I drove to Dunkin’ Donuts (D&D). I got a bagel with cream cheese. A worker at D&D made the bagel. I was alone. I paid for the food. I ate the entire bagel.

Evening: At 5:36pm, I had dinner with friends at Bertucci’s, an Italian restaurant. I had a shrimp pasta dish with a salad. The restaurant cook prepared the food. My fiend paid the bill. I did not finish the meal, and I had them put it in a box for me to take home.

Day 2:

Morning: At 8:15am, I had a bowl of Cheerios. I prepared the cereal. I ate alone. I ate the entire bowl of cereal.

Afternoon: At 12:35,
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I prepared the meal. I ate alone. I paid for the cereal.

Afternoon: At 12:36pm, I bought a bagel and cream cheese at D&D. Inside the store, a worker prepared the bagel. I paid for the meal. I ate alone.

Evening: At 5:45, I bought a whopper and French fries at Burger King. A line cook made the hamburger and French fries. I ate the meal at home. I ate alone.


In this field report, I spent a good deal of time purchasing food in restaurant and fast food venues. I often ate my meals at home in morning and at, times, during the evening, but I found that more than half of my eating habits were through fast food venues. I noticed that I often traveled to school and work, which made it more convenient to buy fast food. However, the quality of fast food is a concern, since I was only able to have one “healthy” dinner on Day 3. In most cases, I found that I often bought food on my own, and in some cases, with friends. I tend to spend a lot of time purchasing food on the road, which illustrates the busy schedule that I have to maintain on a regular basis. Overall, this field study exposed the important role of convenience and the fast food industry that dominates my eating
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