Faculty Of Design And Creative Technologies

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FACULTY OF DESIGN AND CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY TE WANANGA ARONUI O TAMAKI MAKAU RAU School of Engineering Master of Construction Management Name Parth Sunilkumar Kapadiya ID Number 16920258 Paper Name Advanced Built Environment (709301 – MCM 2016) Assignment 1 Number of words (excluding appendices) 3283 • Please read and tick the boxes below before handing in your assignment • If you are uncertain about any of these matters then please discuss them with your lecturer. Assignments will not be accepted if this section not completed. Where I have used someone else’s words or images, we have clearly indicated this by putting them inside speech marks (if appropriate) and adding an in-text reference  □ Where I have used other people’s ideas or writing, we have clearly indicated this by putting them into our own words and adding and adding the reference at the end of the sentence/paragraph.  □ Other than the above, this assignment IS NOT copied from another student or previous assignment  IS NOT directly copied from books, journals or other materials  IS NOT cut and pasted from the internet  HAS NOT been handed in by one of us or anyone else in any other course  HAS NOT been done by someone else (e.g. friends, relative, professional)  I agree to this assignment being used (or copied) for academic purposes which shall include amongst other things, external moderation, promotional work, sharing with fellow colleagues and others works
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