Faculty Perceptions Of Satisfaction At A Small Research University Bolliger And Wasilik

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Theme 2: Faculty Perceptions of Satisfaction Attributed to the increasing demand for effective virtual learning experiences in the realm of higher education, analyzing faculty members’ perceptions of satisfaction is equally as important as addressing student perceptions. Consequently, during the last decade research focused on the perceived satisfaction of higher education virtual instructors has increased tremendously (Bolliger & Wasilik, 2009; Hogan & McKnight, 2007; Menchaca & Bekele, 2008; Panda & Mishra, 2007; Smidt, McDyre, Bunk, Li & Gatenby, 2014;Tanner et al., 2009). Analysis indicated the majority of factors affecting faculty satisfaction fell into three general categories—Student-related factors, Instructor-related factors, and Institutional factors. Student-related factors. Student success in the online environment is often tied to the satisfaction levels the online facilitator experiences (Bolliger & Wasilik, 2009; Menchaca & Bekele, 2008). Surveying 102 online facilitators at a small research university Bolliger and Wasilik (2009) investigated elements that determined faculty satisfaction with the virtual experience. Through analysis, they discovered successful student outcomes led instructors to report increased levels of satisfaction with the online experience. Menchaca and Bekele (2008) researched aspects that leveraged student success. Based upon the findings, they posited the acquisition of basic computer and Internet skills, coupled with learning…
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