Faculty and Curriculum Development

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Designing the curriculum is the most exciting and creative part of curriculum development. However, Faculty development program diplomas have aims and goals whether or not they are clearly articulated. Therefore, faculty developers are obliged both professionally and ethically to meeting the needs of the students, patients and the society. In such cases, faculty developer should be held accountable for the outcomes of their interventions. In order to achieve these needs, it is necessary to implement a logical and systemic approach to curriculum development (Kern, 1998). Following the first phase of implementation of the new program, a formal assessment must be carried out in order to adjust the process and to establish a link between…show more content…
The curriculum of Faculty Development Diploma is conducted over one academic year with continuous evaluation and annual summation to decide on promotion. The trainee has to fulfil his annual requirement to pass from the program. The program can accommodate 10 trainees. The curriculum is conducted over one calendar year and provides teaching of eight blocks divided with corresponding months, four blocks are compulsorily and four are optional, however only a total of 6 blocks are required over one academic year (24 credit hours). The academic year starts at the beginning of September of each year and concludes by early June. There will be three academic blocks in the first semester followed by three blocks in the following semester with classes meeting twice a week Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm and complete at 4pm in COMJ KSAU-HS, There will being time off during mid-year break and summer and the holiday schedule is published at the beginning of the year and distributed to all the trainees An annual schedule is published before start of the academic year by 6 months and includes a yearly plan of activities and block distribution of each training session. The trainee schedule includes different academic activities such as seminars, workshops, assignments, projects, journal club, problem solving sessions and interactive lectures. The trainee must actively participate and highlight additional learning opportunities to ensure that
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