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Faculty of Law and Management

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Faculty of Law and Management

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International Marketing

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Andrew Gilmore


1.0 Subject information at a glance 3
2.0 Subject description 4
3.0 Learning and assessment 4
3.1 Learning objectives 4
3.2 Assessing the learning objectives 4
3.3 Assessment tasks 5
3.3.1 Overview 5
3.3.2 Case Study 6
3.3.3 Final eamination 6
3.3.4 Group assignment 6
3.4 Assessment requirements and definitions 10
3.4.1 Passing the Subject 11
3.4.2 Penalties for late assignments 11
3.4.3 Assessment criteria for group assignment 11
3.4.4 Format and submission of the group assignment. 11
3.4.5 Academic plagiarism 13
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3.2 Assessing the learning objectives Learning objective 1: To expose students to the different socio-cultural, economic, and geopolitical environments in which global marketing strategies and programs are formulated and implemented and to sensitize them to including ethical and sustainability issues in the international marketing context. | Student learning outcomes | Assessments | * Understand the principles of international marketing. * Demonstrate the relevance of international marketing principles in the global markets. * Understand the effects of environmental influences such as ethnicity, culture, class and education in international marketing. * Understand the impact of ethical and sustainability issue on decision making. * Enhance oral communication skills through a class presentation of case analysis | Case study analysis and presentation |

Learning objective 2:Examine global issues and describe concepts relevant to all international marketing activities | Student learning outcomes | Assessments | * Apply international marketing theories and consumer research to solve a range of contemporary marketing problems. * Understand the influence of variables such as price, promotion, product and distribution in global markets. * Evaluate global marketing activities * Identify country attractiveness of different global markets * Compare and contrast two markets for possible entry. | Group
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